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He Said, She Said

And thus we have... Ambergeddon.


My name is Amber. I will be 18 next year. I am very socially active over the internet, so yes, I do have a Myspace and Facebook. I can have a colorful vocabulary at times. I am sarcastic, narcissistic, hypocritical and brutally honest. I'm studying to be an attorney. I'm obsessive and random, and I always tend to make the villain my hero. I'm Agnostic, but sometimes I feel very Atheistic. I have trust issues and I understand a lot more about other people than I appear to. I'm the type of person you think you don't want to be friends with. I'm the type of person that your mother hates or strongly dislikes and would rather you not associate yourself with. I'm not two-faced unless I really don't like you and just refrain from letting you in on that fact. Oh, and you don't need to worry about me lying to you... I only lie to family.

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/omgwafflespwn

Facebook: Amber Klepaski

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/freddysgrl4ever

Art Gallery: http://www.photobucket.com/satanicmeatball_gallery

befriending the famous, calling black people crackers, defying mall-security, drawing, dvd collecting, flipping through channels, giving out my number, hypo-criticizing, keeping my mini-fridge stocked, making up words, obsessing, owning too many pillows, playing devil's advocate, procrastinating, standing on benches, struggling with weight loss, theorizing, watching leaked movies, writing poetry, writing prose, writing tl;drs